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There are many things that make a film great, from the acting to the narrative, to cinematography and the score. In our line of work, we come across hundreds of talented, emerging indie filmmakers who tell great stories visually but lack the resources to pay for quality sound and music to support the nuances of the story they want to tell. As George Lucas famously said, "The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie." Take the music out of a film and you’re left without the narrative that great sound and music provide.


It is our mission to make this vital resource more accessible to filmmakers, like you, who have a clear need for bespoke music and sound for their production but are constrained by time and budget. In partnership, we hope to encourage the next generation of filmmakers and provide them with the support they need to bring their artistic vision to fruition.


We’re proud to present a new solution for emerging filmmakers, so you can see your film reach its highest potential. If accepted into our program, you can have the sound and music for your film done by our team, The Bèl Son Kolektif, for free.


Filmmakers who wish to apply should note the following program guidelines.


Fee: There is an $100 non-refundable application fee for this program. This covers the cost of reviewing your film and supporting documentation (it also lets us know that you’re serious about investing into the success of your film.) If your film is not selected, your application fee will go towards a one-hour phone consultation with one of our sound and music engineers about your film.


Project Stipulations: At this time, we’re only accepting films that meet the following requirements.

    • Project must be a short film between 4-7 minutes

    • Film must be ready for or nearing post-production phase

    • Capable of submitting most finalized version of film to us

    • Must be submitting your film to festivals/competitions

    • Must be able to briefly articulate your vision for sound and music for submission

    • Specify plan of action for release and distribution

    • Submit website/portfolio or previous work


The application window will be open for two months at a time so we can devote the majority of our focus into assisting selected filmmakers. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for announcements about the next application period.


We know the amount of time and money invested in creating an independent film. We also know that without the diversity presented by indie filmmakers, there would be a void in the movie industry. It is our goal to provide superior sound and music engineering so you can deliver the best production possible and set your film up for future success. Increase your chances in competitive festivals, gain access to better resources, and be confident that the musical portion of your film creates an engaging experience for your audience.

If you’re serious about taking your work to the next level, we encourage you to apply for the opportunity to have our team complete the music and sound for your film.

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